Hunter is a distributed team working remotely across Europe and Asia. Two weeks ago, we were excited to do our first company retreat together in the heart of Lisbon. Since we’ve not shared much about the people behind Hunter yet, I wanted to write about this first retreat and what we learnt from it.

Lisbon view

Really getting to know each other

We are all convinced about the benefits of working remotely. This helps us to be super productive and design our own lifestyles. But when it comes to knowing each other, video calls and chats in a work context are not the ideal conditions to build meaningful relationships.

This first company retreat was a very special moment as we met each other for the first time! It was exciting to really discover people we were remotely talking to everyday.

Lisbon view

One week to go further together

Company retreats are the perfect time to get things done and enjoy moments together. From Monday to Friday, we worked normally but took advantage of the week together to move forward on topics that need more communication:

  • Presentation by Antoine and me about our vision and roadmap for Hunter.
  • Brainstorming sessions with the entire team to think about what can be done to improve the user experience.
  • One-to-one sessions where we worked together on specific topics.
  • Debates about the new logo we were preparing!

Every evening, we enjoyed the various and numerous restaurants available in Lisbon. Saturday was a day off we took to visit Lisbon!

What we learnt

We were all satisfied by this week spent together and also learnt a lot about how to get the most from this kind of events.

  • Be sure to prepare the work meetings with the entire team. It can be very interesting to prepare specific subjects to talk about together and invite all the team members to do short presentations about things they would like to share.
  • Do one-to-one sessions to have deeper communication and learn more from each other. In particular, we will try pair-programming during our next retreat.
  • Be more organized for the lunch to lose less time in the middle of the day.

Next company retreat in January 2017!

François Grante
François Grante