Until now, Hunter was solving very well one specific problem: finding contact information of people in a given company. A few months ago, we started working on solving another problem: identifying the companies to prospect.

Today, we are excited to introduce a new feature to address this issue.

The page where you can generate a list of websites

1. Generate your list

There are 3 filters to generate lists of websites:

  • The language
  • The popularity
  • The technologies

For now, the important segmentation will be made on the technologies, while the popularity and language are more generic filters. The technologies can be as various as the CMS, the ad networks or the payment solutions used on the websites. We are detecting more than 100 common technologies.

We are looking forward to adding more filters in the future to offer broader possibilities.

2. You’re ready to outreach

Once you’ve made your selection, you’ve two ways to use your list.

The two options to use the lists of websites

  • Import the list into your dashboard: The list will appear in your dashboard to let you do Domain Searches for a manual and high-qualified outreach. With this option, you take fully advantage of Hunter’s data to contact the right person.
  • Download the list in CSV, with email addresses: you can also launch directly a bulk Domain Search on your list and use the complete CSV where you need to.

The generation of lists will be one of our rare premium features. We think it makes sense to reserve it for our customers since this is valuable data we don’t want to dilute. However, free accounts will be able to test the list generation with samples of 20 domain names.

This feature is currently available only for a part of our users. If you would like to test it, please send us an email at contact@hunter.io. As always, all the feedback is welcomed!

François Grante
François Grante