Since we’ve been working on Email Hunter, we’ve tried to make it much easier for every sales and marketing person to contact other professionals. Two months ago, we launched an API and an email address search engine that have already been used by thousands of people.

Now we want Email Hunter to be available everywhere people need it, with simple modules integrated to the tools they already use. The first step in this direction is Email Hunter for Chrome.

Domain search, everywhere.

Email Hunter button in Chrome

Email Hunter extension adds a button in Chrome which lets you find email addresses from any website. It avoids you to switch between this website and Email Hunter, and instead get results in just one click.

Authentification and quotas work the same way as on Email Hunter. You’ll be asked to log in to your account after a few searches, and to upgrade your account if you reach your monthly limit.

Linkedin button

Email Hunter button on Linkedin profile

We’ve noticed that Email Hunter works very well with LinkedIn, first identifying professionals to contact, then finding their contact information. The second feature of this extension is a Linkedin integration which adds an “Email” button on every profile and reveals the email addresses.

This feature uses Email Hunter database to guess email addresses with first name, last name and company website. But instead of just giving you a guess, we also give a confidence score and some information about what we found on the domain name.

Want to take a look at the code?

It was important for us to let people see how it works and contribute if they want to, so we put all the code of the extension open source on Github.

François Grante
François Grante