We’ve worked hard this last weeks to make Email Hunter more accessible and integrate it to the tools people already use. Today, we are excited to launch Email Hunter for Google Sheets.

Google Sheets is the perfect tool to process data and has the ability to connect to online services. It was a great opportunity for us to integrate Email Hunter and help sales people and recruiters to find email addresses directly in their spreadsheets.

Google Sheets add-ons are quite new and replacing the script gallery. We found that it was a good way to provide a satisfying user experience inside Sheets.

Email Hunter’s add-on has two main features.

Domain search in Google Sheets

Domain search

It gives exactly the same results as the web app, but has the advantage to return immediately processable data. For example, you may apply filters or directly use the data in other tools (inside Google Sheets or not).

Data enrichment in Google Sheets

Data enrichment

A lot of customers ask us if Email Hunter can find email addresses from a list of first names, last names and websites. This has been implemented in our API for a while, but there was no tool to accomplish this task yet.

You just have to indicate which column is used for each field in your database and press the button to see the email addresses appear.

I would like to thank the Google team which advised us to provide an optimal user experience.

What’s next?

We will continue to improve the add-on and may add new features if necessary. We already have a few ideas:

  • Add the email verification feature
  • Add information about the connected account (including remaining requests) in the sidebar
  • Display the confidence score in data enrichment

I would love to read your feedback!

François Grante
François Grante