Since we launched Hunter, we’ve devoted all our efforts to make it easier for anyone to do outreach and grow their business. It appears essential to us to connect to the tools people already use to provide our service where they need it. One great and new way to connect Hunter to your favorite applications is to use Zapier.

Zapier provides incredibly flexible and powerful infrastructure that lets you connect Hunter to more than 500 applications. Here are a few example use-cases to get you started.

Save leads to your CRM

Hunter’s Chrome extension make it easy to save leads from LinkedIn. With Zapier, you’ll be able to export them to your favorite CRM or Spreadsheet.

Save leads from LinkedIn

The first thing you need to do is connect your accounts to Zapier. Just browse through their app directory, find your CRM and give Zapier access. Do the same for Hunter and you’re ready to create your new Zap.

As a trigger, choose Hunter and “New Lead” and then the action you want to be triggered. In the following example, we want to save these leads in Base CRM.

Zap to save leads in my CRM

Then, match the fields with the fields you use in your CRM.

Mapping of the fields to save in a CRM

All you have to do now is to hunt on LinkedIn and watch your CRM being filled with fresh new leads!

Find or verify email addresses in your workflow

You can use Hunter as a data enrichment tool in more advanced use-cases. Let say you collect leads on your website, but would like to verify the email addresses before sending them to your CRM. You can easily build these steps with Zapier.

Zap to save leads in my CRM

It’s an easy way for non-developers to directly build interactions with the Email Finder and the Email Verifier API calls without writing a line of code.

Take a look at some popular Zaps working with Hunter!

François Grante
François Grante