About two months ago, we introduced a way to generate lists of companies directly within the Hunter dashboard. Now, we’re launching this feature as a separate service: Hunter TechLookup.

What’s different with Hunter TechLookup?

TechLookup is an entirely separate website. You don’t have to be a Hunter user to benefit from it. But if you are, they are a few integrations to make your life easier. This simple change made it possible for us to make it very straightforward to generate lists. Selecting the right criteria and downloading your selection takes less than a minute. And it’s free.

Frontpage of the TechLookup website

The most important change is that generating lists is now easier than ever to use and entirely free. To build your lists, you can choose from 115 technologies, nine languages, and the popularity of the website. We then create your custom list using more 4.5 million domains in our database.

Over the next few weeks and months, we’ll be expanding the number of criteria available to build lists and adding new sites to our index. If you wish to see a new technology added to the service, please reach out: contact@hunter.io.

Why did TechLookup become a separate product?

Transparency is one of the core values of our company, and we thought it would be useful to share the reasoning behind this change.

For our first iteration, we wanted to help our current user build lists of companies they would they search on hunter.io. This approach was fine a few users, but we quickly struggled to increase usage. The main reason is quite understandable:

Hunter users vs TechLookup users

As you can see, we were desperately trying to convince a tiny minority of Hunter users to take advantage of this new feature. And it was almost impossible to target those users efficiently. This meant we had to distract vast amount of users to drive growth for this new feature. Of course, distracting our users is rarely a good idea. At the same time, many potential users of TechLookup weren’t on Hunter and therefore couldn’t easily use this new feature.

From those findings, the new direction was instantly clear. Because one of the other crucial value for our team is leverage, with TechLookup as a free service, we could reach thousands of new users and help them connect with relevant businesses. That’s what we did, and two weeks later Hunter TechLookup was online!

This new service is still new, and feedback of any kind is highly welcome!

Antoine Finkelstein
Antoine Finkelstein